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NEW 2017 Honda Civic - Can it tow?

Posted by euro towbars 01/12/2017 0 Comment(s)


The 10th-generation Civic is here.  The Civic exemplifies automotive excellence and blends fun with efficiency and practicality. Precise steering, a solid chassis, and a well-tuned suspension provide both a compliant ride and sweet handling.


The dramatically styled Honda Civic is unusually big and roomy for a small car. The hatchback and sedan drive very comfortably, handle responsively, and offer spirited performance from a very fuel-efficient turbocharged engine.


One of the new Civic’s biggest drawcards is its interior space, presentation, and refinement.


From the moment you open the solid-feeling doors, it is clear that Honda has engineered this car to look and feel nicer than most small cars in its price range. 


All materials are well chosen and fine to the touch. The sense of space inside is palpable – particularly the width – while the dashboard’s design and layout is impressive. The ambience is very appealing.


Comfortable seats further underline Honda’s stated ambition to create a high-quality family car, backed up by an excellent driving position. And it would be difficult to top the Civic’s clear instruments, simple ventilation controls, myriad storage options, and overall ease of operation. 


The Civic is home to a cavernous boot as well as ample legroom in both front and back, and plenty of storage spots throughout the cabin.


So can the new Honda Civic tow?


Both the 5 door hatch/liftback & 4 door sedan can tow up to 1500kgs.  The difference is the sedan has a limit of 100kgs on the towball and the hatch 75kgs.


Need a towbar for your new Honda Civic.  You guessed it, we stock an entire range for both the hatch and sedan.  Check out of Honda Civic towbars today.


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