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The Q8 is a head-turner but can the Audi Q8 tow? Need a Q8 towbar?

Posted by euro towbars 07/09/2019 0 Comment(s)



The Q8 is a head-turner but can the Audi Q8 tow? Need a Q8 towbar?


Audi's range-topping 2019 Q8 effectively blends SUV capabilities with sedan characteristics. The good news is that the Q8 has been given a large tow rating by Audi.


What separates the Q8 from its main competition, though, is that it’s not merely a normal crossover SUV with its rear roof erased. Rather, it’s a clean sheet design. Audi designs can sometimes be too conservative - not the Q8!


There’s very little not to like about the Q8 besides its price and fuel economy. And if you can afford the former, you won’t mind the latter all that much.  And the Audi Q8 is great for towing, especially larger loads.


It’s polarising in terms of styling, but it certainly isn’t dull, and you can change the entire aesthetic with a choice of exterior colour. The interior is fantastic, the technology enough to make you feel like an early adopter, and it’s all executed in a way that makes you feel like this is definitely a class-leader in terms of gadgets.


The Q8 scores above average for comfort because, unlike some other four-door coupe crossovers, its rear seat has enough headroom to comfortably fit full-size adults


The Q8’s tech and connectivity score reflects typical Audi excellence in this area. Many positive things have been said about the company’s Virtual Cockpit system, which replaces traditional analog gauges behind the steering wheel with a large digital display. Consider those accolades echoed here, but in the Q8, Virtual Cockpit plays second fiddle to Audi’s incredible dual-screen infotainment system.


Because of the sliding rear bench the boot volume ranges from 531 litres to 606 litres depending on the bench configuration. Drop the back seats down and you get up to 1755 litres of storage. Need more space, fit a towbar and box trailer. 


Every Q8 includes LED headlights, a clever multimedia interface home to three touchscreens, a digital radio, head-up display system, 10-speaker stereo, Wi-Fi hotspot and 360-degree camera.


The Q8’s 21-inch wheels ride on steel springs with adaptive dampers, with larger wheels, air suspension and four-wheel-steering available as options.


The Q8 feels like a premium, polished machine, particularly on the inside, but how much can Audi's largest SUV actually tow.


Audi has rated the Q8 at 3500kgs.  Our detachable towbars are rated the same.  Need an Audi towbar for your new Q8? Look no further - check out our Audi Q8 towbar range today.



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