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Fiat 500 - it can tow. Full range of Fiat 500 towbars

Posted by euro towbars 23/01/2019 0 Comment(s)


The Fiat 500X is a compact crossover extension of the 500 family

Can the Fiat 500 tow?


Fiat's has added a subcompact SUV to it's funky 500 range - the 500X


The 500X range has been split into two - the City Look (unsurprisingly aimed at the city dweller) and the Off-Road Look (aimed at those who toy with the idea of some light off-road excursions). The difference truly lies with the aesthetics, with the former gaining specially designed bumpers in the Fiat's body colour, body coloured dashboard and only available as front-wheel-drive car. The off-road tweaked 500X gets more rugged bumpers and plastic mouldings, roof rails and a four-wheel-drive system.


Those who’ve enjoyed the characterful and high-grade presentation of the 500 will love the 500X’s cabin. 


Its décor is more mature, but you’ll find plenty of stylish flourishes, including the retro metal-look door handles, an elegantly integrated infotainment screen (whose navigation system was occasionally confused) and, on all models bar the Cross, a body colour-finished horizontal décor strip. The more rugged-looking Cross versions get a textured alloy-look finish.


So how much can the Fiat 500 really tow?


Maximum towing capacity of the Fiat 500  = 800  kgs
Maximum towing capacity of the Fiat 500L = 1200 kgs
Maximum towing capacity of the Fiat 500X = 1500 kgs 


We have a full range of Fiat 500 towbars available.



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