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The NEW Jaguar E-Pace..Can it tow? Need an E-Pace Towbar?

Posted by euro towbars 27/09/2018 2 Comment(s)


The NEW Jaguar E-Pace..Can it tow? Need an E-Pace Towbar?



Simply gorgeous in design, the new Jaguar E-Pace hits the jackpot in technology, offering true torque vectoring to strengthen its handling potential.


The E-Pace doesn’t look big enough to tow a big twin-axle caravan. But despite being a smaller car than the F-Pace, the E-Pace is actually the heavier of the two.  The engine has enough power and torque to cope with a heavy tourer.


This E-Pace is what they call a five-seat compact SUV. It’s only 4.4m long, so about the same length as a Merc GLA but is much wider at almost 2m across and taller at 1650mm. It’s a stocky, muscular looking SUV, and they say it’s styling was influenced by the F-Type, which also hints at its dynamic abilities. The E-Pace shares its underpinnings with the Disco Sport and Evoque but Jaguar has adapted the front and rear suspension to suit its needs.


The design might just be the E-Pace’s most important feature. It manages to make a small SUV look genuinely desirable by being sexily shapely and perfectly proportioned.


Can it tow?  The Jaguar E-Pace is rated at 1900 kgs.  Need a towbar for your Jaguar.  We have an Invisible detachable E-Pace Towbar just for you.  Order Today.


2 Comment(s)

Mike Cowie:
27/10/2018, 08:30:08 PM

Can you tell me when the e-pace bar will be available as I see it is currently marked pre order and whether the cost includes delivery.

28/11/2018, 10:16:02 PM

NOW IN STOCK ready for shipping

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