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Better late than never. Jaguar SUV. But can it tow?

Posted by euro towbars 27/03/2017 0 Comment(s)


Better late than never, Jaguar has finally arrived in the booming SUV segment.
First impressions are that Jaguar has a winner on its hands. The only complaint is that it took so long to get here.


The body is all aluminium, making it significantly lighter than similarly sized SUVs. It's almost as big as a Porsche Cayenne but weighs less than a Holden Commodore.


Measuring only 1.66 metres high and 4.7 metres long, the F-Pace squeezes into a unique physical niche.  In many ways, it is the ideal size for an everyday SUV and may well fill a previously unoccupied part of the luxury SUV segment.


It's a cliché to say an SUV drives like a car, but that really is the only way to describe it.
The only clues that you're in an SUV are the tall driving position and slightly more lean in the corners as physics takes over when driving enthusiastically.


The rear seat is surprisingly spacious. The sloping roofline of the exterior has had little to no repercussion on interior space, only mildly impacting driver vision with a compromised rear window and bulky C-pillars. There is ample head room and leg room throughout, though, along with dual-zone air-conditioning for rear occupants plus generous door pockets and a flip-down centre armrest containing two cup holders. Like the smaller XE sedan, bolstering on the outer second row pews tends to impinge shoulder space, meaning the F-Pace will be limited to carrying two full-size adults in relative comfort rather than three.


The boot, meanwhile, houses a temporary spare tyre along with a clever moveable tie-down system integrated into the floor. Measuring 650 litres in regular form, the rear stowage is extendable to 1740 litres via split folding seats. This extends overall floor length to 1.8 metres with the seats down and what's more, the floor stays completely flat.


Jaguar hopes to appease customers with the F-Pace's standard suite of safety technology comprising 12 different active safety functions including autonomous emergency braking which can detect pedestrians. In addition, all variants will be equipped with a capable 2.4-tonne braked towing capacity.


There is no hiding the Jaguar's sporting pretensions out on the road.


That the F-Pace happens to venture off-road says a lot about its brief as an SUV. No rightful owner would ever intend to take their shiny new number off the bitumen, but if they did, they'd probably be pleasantly surprised.


The F-Pace, while setting no huge wholesale benchmarks for the segment, is extremely well resolved. It does all the things you'd expect from a modern Jaguar but then delivers so much more.


Can it tow?  Max trailer load is a respectable 2400 kg and 175 kgs on the ball.  You guessed it we have a full range of Premium European style tow bars for your Jaguar F-Pace.  


If you have, or would like an active lifestyle the Jaguar F-Pace with a towbar is perfect for you.  Check out the video:


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