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Lexus NX: Can it tow?

Posted by euro towbars 07/03/2015 0 Comment(s)


The all new Lexus NX.


The NX is Lexus's answer to the Audi Q5, BMW X3 and Volvo XC60. Available with petrol and hybrid power.


Two-wheel drive will be offered, but most sales will be of the clever four-wheel-drive model, which adds a rear electric motor that is automatically deployed when sensors indicate an imminent loss of traction or reduced stability. As is normal with Lexus, the system is incredibly intricate, finessed beyond belief and non-intrusive to the point of almost not being there. And while the NX is indubitably not an off-road vehicle, for the first time Lexus is able to offer towing capacity with a hybrid, but only 1.5 tonnes and only with the 4x4 models.

So the NX is the first Lexus hybrid SUV certified to tow, although you’ll need to go for the four-wheel-drive/AWD version and accept a comparatively low towing capacity of 1.5 tonnes.


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