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4th Gen Mercedes A-Class W177 - Can it tow? Need an A-Class towbar?

Posted by euro towbars 24/01/2019 0 Comment(s)

Fourth-generation Mercedes-Benz A-Class W177 is on the roads

Can the new MB A-Class Tow?


On the design front, the designers took a careful approach not to lose the appealing form of the A-Class, as it is evident from exterior that the new A-Class can still be recognised as the successor to the third generation model. Compare both the W176-generation and W177-generation of the A-Class side-by-side and it is evident that Mercedes-Benz has preserved much of the identity, including the signature roof line and character line along the sides.


As for the rear end, Mercedes-Benz redesigned the tail end of the new generation A-Class, now with a pair of sharper-looking tail lights and a more aggressive rear bumper. 


The biggest surprise is when one steps into the cabin.  Compared to the W176, Mercedes-Benz has thrown in far more expensive materials when building the new A-Class, as most touchpoints have decent amount of soft touch material. Even the air vents up front look and feel properly expensive, and with the ambient lighting activated, it makes for a great cabin to be in.  


Dual 10.25-inch displays, allowing for an immersive experience. The displays can be customized to show various bits of information, be it navigation, music, or vehicles status.  Because so much is done via the screens, the dash has a simple and clean layout.


The rear seats are split 40/20/40, enabling you to fold just the centre section to get your long items in the car without having to leave one of the kids behind. There’s a good-sized 370 litre boot, with some hooks at the side and a power socket for your accessories. Lift up the boot floor and there’s a slim storage area and a subwoofer integrated into the floor. 


The W177 is a refined and warm hatch.  Its engine has enough go to be fun, but is small enough to be efficient. Handling and ride are excellent, there’s loads of safety technology.  Its interior is where it shines.


So how much can the New A-Class tow?


Maximum towing capacity of the New MB A-Class W177  = 2100  kgs  - check your owners manual as limits vary between individual builds.


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