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NEW Mercedes EV EQC. Can the EQC tow? Need a EQC Towbar?

Posted by euro towbars 21/01/2021 0 Comment(s)



The first Mercedes-Benz fully electric vehicle (EV) has arrived. It's called the EQC.  Supply is limited - are you one of the lucky owners - Can the EQC tow? Need a EQC Towbar?


No radical design like other well known electric vehicles.  It looks striking but conventional, and is made in the same German plant as the GLC with which it shares about 15 per cent of its mechanical parts.


Above shared steering and suspension bits, the EQC has entirely new body panels and acoustic glass, and that swooping profile, smoothed-out roofline, and trick grille reduces the drag coefficient to a slippery 0.28 to help eke out more mileage from each charge.


Can EVs actually tow?


As with most electric cars, the first thing you notice when driving is the instant, stepless response from the high-torque single-speed motors.   And of course, the deafening silene - even by EV standards The EQC is quiet. Mercedes has fitted a ton of sound-deadening material and double-glazed glass, and on most road surfaces there's very little obvious tyre roar or wind noise. It feels as hushed as an S-Class.


In terms of practicality, the EQC is similar to the similarly-dimensioned (100mm shorter) GLC. Unlike some EVs that use their flat platforms to maximise cabin space, then EQC’s second seating row is snug because of the low roof, slim windows, and average knee room despite a neatly scalloped seat-back, though two 180cm adults will be fine.


The 500L boot is 10 per cent smaller than the GLC’s because of the lack of under-floor storage.  Need more space.  The EQC is actually a great towcar.  Mercedes has given the EQC a maximum tow rating of up to 1800kgs.  Towing a trailer or just taking your bikes along with your EV has become possible with the Mercedes EQC. 


Need a towbar for those weekend trips with your EQC - make sure they are no further than 434kms, as that is the estimated distance between charges.


We have a Mercedes EQC towbar now available.  Order today.




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