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Mercedes GLC. What can it tow?

Posted by euro towbars 18/02/2016 3 Comment(s)


Are you one of the first lucky owners of the new Mercedes GLC?


The GLC has recieved critical acclaim and is definately giving the Audi Q5 and BMW X3 a run for their money.


At 4656mm long and 1890mm wide, it is nigh-on identical to the X3. But its wheelbase is a good 70mm longer, and as such Mercedes claims 57mm more rear legroom. Even with a sunroof, the rear bench has ample headroom and knee room — more than most rivals


It’s about time Mercedes offered a medium SUV, and as we might have suspected given the quality of the C-Class, it’s rather knocked it out of the park.


The GLC feels properly premium, it looks fantastic in the flesh, it’s a joy to sit in and comfortable on the road while surprisingly capable off it.


Towing Capacity 2600 kgs - more than enough for those weekend trips.


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3 Comment(s)

01/06/2017, 05:58:18 AM

Hi I have just stumbled across your website by accident. I have just ordered a GLC suv from Mercedes. I decided not to get a tow pack this car as it was too expensive. the GLC has a lot of tech, such as trailer parking and sway control etc so I prefer to get genuine parts so I can use the full system. I notice on your site you list that your parts will allow the computer to still use these features. I was surpised to see this. can you please confirm all genuine factory features will still work with your bar? do all electronic components come with your kit to allow this to be connected to the computer? does the dealer need to reprogram the computer or do I have to use the dealer at all to upgrade any components? thanks.


Hi I have just received mine after a long wait and chose not to fit the MB tow pack due to price. I would also like to know if your premium towbar electrical harness works in conjunction with the vehicles towing electronics e.g. towing assistance option. Thanks

01/12/2017, 08:33:52 PM

Dedicated MB GLC specific 7 Pin trailer plug and harness communicates seamlessly with the on-board computer controlling stability & traction, modifying torque etc when a trailer is attached - trailer recognition supported. It will also turn off the parking sensors when a trailer is attached. Note: small recode of the onboard computer is required to activate trailer recognition. Fitting guide>>

06/09/2019, 09:00:10 AM

Hi Ian, Do you end up with getting a etowbar for your GLC?

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