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Can the new Mazda 3 tow? Need to towbar for your NEW Mazda 3.

Posted by euro towbars 19/10/2019 1 Comment(s)


The 2019 4th generation Mazda 3 can be held up as an example of how to do nearly everything right.  But can the new Mazda 3 tow?  Need to towbar for your Mazda 3?


The Mazda 3 first appeared in 2003, and since then, six million have been sold globally. The new reiteration pivots the Mazda 3 to a more premium position.


Mazda has redesigned the new 3 from the ground up, paying attention to everything from reducing ‘visual noise’ in the cabin to reducing friction in the engine. Special attention has been paid to noise, vibration and harshness, to the operation of the switchgear, the processing speed of the infotainment, harmonising the quality of the white light in the cabin. The stuff that doesn’t make headlines, but is highly honourable. A typically Japanese approach – quiet, surreptitious, thorough.


The new hatch’s exterior design has been a source of polarisation, eliciting strong responses and few fence-sitters. Mazda refers to it as ‘less is more’, as well as ‘sporty and seductive’.


The new hatch is actually slightly lower and shorter than the outgoing model too, but sits on a 25mm-longer wheelbase. It also weighs between 39kg and 55kg more than before, because the body is stronger and stiffer.


The interior layout is more driver-oriented than before, with a cleaner look and more high-grade materials such as copious leather-like dash padding.
The new sporty design deprioritises back seat and boot space - the 295-litre boot is 13L smaller than before.   

Need to carry more for that weekend getaway?  Why not fit a towbar. 


Check out our range of fourth-generation Mazda 3 towbars designed especially for your hatch. You and your Mazda deserve the highest quality, sophisticated and technologically advanced towbar design to limit any unnecessary cutting of your bumper. 
Choosing our towbars means, you'll be able to tow and your MAZDA 3 continues to look great. Rated for 1860 kgs.

Our 4th generation Mazda 3 towbars perfectly fit your hatch.  Quickly find the perfect fitting Mazda 3 towbar for your vehicle. We offer Invisible detachable MAZDA towbars that do not spoil the look of your vehicle. Horizontally detachable Mazda towbars, that are easy and convenient to stow when not in use, and our most economical fixed MAZDA towbars that are ready for everyday use.



1 Comment(s)

Stephen Brothers:

It is truly a beautiful car. It just gets better if towbars can fit perfectly.

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