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New BMW X3 (G01) on the roads. Need a X3 Towbar?

Posted by euro towbars 02/06/2018 2 Comment(s)

BMW X3 Towbars Australia


The new third-generation BMW X3 - G01 is on the roads - Can it tow?


“We’ve given it more muscle and dressed it in a Boss suit”. It’s evolutionary, rather than revolutionary, but along with the buffed-up body, there are fewer sharp lines and more softer edges.


From any angle, it’s a more sophisticated look than its gen-two F25 predecessor.


More interior space, more performance, more technology and more features – BMW has amped up virtually every aspect in the new X3, to ensure examples of this already well-entrenched model continue to roll off showroom floors in swift succession.


Along with the larger dimensions all round, passengers are bound to appreciate the longer wheelbase in the new X3. There’s more legroom for both seat rows and more head and shoulder space up front. And, despite the enlarged passenger space, boot space remains the same – that’s 550 litres with the second row in place, expanding to 1600 litres with the rear seats folded.

But for those with kids, boards or bikes (or all three), you can rest easy with the knowledge that the new X3 is a larger vehicle (in every dimension) than the first-generation X5


The new X3 also delivers an impressive new interior, in stark contrast to the old model, which looked cheap and didn’t feel any better. By contrast, the latest fitout brings a more stylish mix of premium materials like soft leathers and real wood trim, capped off with embossed aluminium inlays throughout the entire cabin. It looks and feels like an expensive 5 Series – and that’s in both seat rows.


The wide-screen multi-media display is crisp and clear while the multi-function wheel and button set-up on the centre console renders most tasks easily accomplished. A wealth of information about the car and navigation and myriad entertainment options are all on offer, with the menu system for the most part intuitive and easy to negotiate.


The X3 really excels, however, when it comes to performance and comfort. 


Luxury SUVs sell well and BMW’s new X3 is surely set to see that trend continue. The new BMW is packed with features that blend seamlessly into a beautifully integrated package; add in the performance, comfort and versatility, and the future of the X3 looks assured.


Need a towbar for your 2018 BMW X3 G01?  We have you covered.  The G01 bumper is a different design than the F25 and requires specially designed bumper attachment points to ensure your bumper stays secure when fitting a towbar.  Our BMW X3 G01 towbar is the only solution to date to ensure it fits perfectly to the redesigned X3.  Tow up to 2500kgs.  Order today.



2 Comment(s)

04/11/2018, 07:37:35 AM

Can you fit a Tow Bar to the 2019 X4 M40i?

Euro Towbars:
07/11/2018, 12:47:00 PM

We have a BMW towbar, specifically designed to fit your 2018 X4 (G02) M40i. It perfectly fits the designated mounting points on your chassis. OEM quality - just as you would buy directly from the dealer. Select BMW, then X4 from the dropdown menu on the right. Available for Pre-Order. Delivery Dec 2018

John L:
27/03/2019, 07:43:37 AM

I can't seem to find a tower that will fit my X3 M40i Everything under the G01 has it excluding the M40i. Please help

07/09/2019, 11:20:25 PM

We do have a towbar that fits the M40i - have a look at the product photos to see it fitted - no bumper cuts.

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