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Can the new BMW X5 (G05) tow? Need a towbar for the new BMW X5 G05?

Posted by euro towbars 01/05/2019 3 Comment(s)



The BMW X5 manages to do a rare thing for a large SUV: be both comfortable and fun to drive.  But can the new X5 tow? Need a towbar for the new BMW X5 G05?


The BMW X5, launched in 1999, was the first luxurious large SUV to offer handling capable of putting a grin on your face. Four generations later, the BMW X5 has a far tougher job, with an established list of alternative large, luxurious SUVs to tempt buyers away.


Pull up alongside a new X5 (G05) and you might not immediately tell it apart from the previous-generation car. Both have a substantial towing capacity. 


You will notice it's larger.  Growth of the new X5’s wheelbase (+42mm), overall length (+36mm) and width (+66mm). At 2110kg, the X5 is now also 40kg heavier than before.


There are slightly more spacious seven-seaters with slightly bigger boots, but truth-be-told the BMW X5 G05 will provide all the space a family is likely to need and more.  The X5’s boot has grown from 500 to 650 litres. Still sporting a split tailgate - they look great and are very practical, plus you can lower the X5’s suspension to help you sling heavy stuff inside.


As you'd expect, the new X5 gets a wider array of driver assistance features, using cameras and radars as its sensory system and processed by a more powerful onboard brain.


The active cruise control can pause the car at standstill for 30 seconds before automatically moving again, the speed limit recogniser can adjust the cruise control, it can drive autonomously in traffic jams, steering through moderate corners by reading road lines, and change lanes by itself when you indicate, checking your blind-spot before it does so. It'll also park itself.


BMW has identified comfort as a core dynamic attribute for the G05 X5. Consequently, this new X5 uses acoustic glass for the windscreen and, optionally, the side windows; the suspension is now pneumatic; there is electronic roll stabilisation on some models, and passengers can enjoy four-zone climate control and an enlarged panoramic glass roof.


The new X5 ticks all the same boxes as its predecessor and given it's long been the top-seller in its class, it's clear than BMW knows what people want.


Can the new BMW X5 tow? The G05 X5's tow rating is 2700-3500kgs, it is model dependent so check your owners manual.


We have a range of towbars specifically made for the new BMW X5.  Check out our range of perfect fitting X5 (G05) towbars.



3 Comment(s)

Adrian Butterworth:
08/06/2019, 05:39:31 PM

Can your invisible tow bar fit a 2019 BMW X5 50 M Deisel If so please provide price and location in Adelaide

02/07/2019, 02:03:27 PM

Yes, our towbars will fit. They are designed for the standard and M bumpers. Please order online and the towbar will be delivered in approx 7 days to your Adelaide door.

Peter Lee:
09/07/2019, 02:33:14 PM

I live in the Sutherland Shire. Does your towbar fitting service cover this Shire, so that I can order in confidence. Does the fit out also include the wiring harness and reprogramming any of the software in the G05 X5 vehicle? Thanks
26/07/2019, 07:26:01 AM

Fitting onsite will be $449.

Androu James:
18/08/2019, 11:52:35 AM

Has anyone had this towbar fitted yet? I’m told by BMW that the M50d doesn’t have a retrofit ability. It’s possible etowbars, that you are assuming a G05 M-Sport is the same as an M50d. Could be an expensive mistake buying a G05 (most of which don’t have towbar) only to then find this doesn’t fit.

R Lee:
19/08/2019, 03:10:57 AM

Hi, I'm wanting to know the same thing. Can you get a UK hidden towbar fitted to 2019 X5 M50d? Again, almost impossible to find a used M50d spec'd the way i want with a towbar. To buy new, looking at £82k!! Again very important to know before buying a nearly new car without the ability to fit a towbar. Also, how do you handle the cars electronics being programmed to Tow with regards to sensors, braking, self driving etc. Cars are getting more complex, and i need to know if it is even sensible to fit a towbar to one of these cars. Thanks!

17/10/2019, 08:45:33 PM

No mistake - Fits the M50d 100% - as long as your M50d has a tow rating in the owners manual

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