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New Audi Q7. Best towing car EVER? You decide.

Posted by euro towbars 09/11/2015 0 Comment(s)


Could the second-generation Audi Q7 be the best heavyweight 4x4 tow car available today?


After about 10 years of being in production, the revamped Audi Q7 is now on the roads of Europe and recently Australia.


From the initial specs there are signs that it's in with a chance of dethroning the current favourite: LR Discovery.


Audi has slimmed some 325kg from the kerbweight, which is roughly the weight of three adult passengers.
The new Q7 tips the scales at 1995 kilograms or 325kg less than the outgoing version.


The towball has a maximum download of 115kg on cars with steel springs, rising to 140kg for cars with air suspension. Other important numbers include the 2800kg legal towing limit for cars with steel suspension, and the 3500kg limit for air-sprung models. The kerbweight is 2135kg (including 75kg for the driver not included in Audi's published kerbweight), which gives an 85% match figure of 1815kg. Given the Audi's firm control at speed in solo driving, it would be a surprise if the Q7 didn't prove a stable tow car pulling a caravan of that weight.


The Q7 has the most advanced trailer stability system, and Trailer assist to help drivers reverse. It's similar to the feature available to Volkswagen Passat buyers, and takes control of the steering while driving backwards with a trailer or caravan hitched up.




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