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Seventh-Gen G20 BMW 3 Series. Can the New 3 Series (G20) tow? Need a BMW 3 Series towbar?

Posted by euro towbars 28/06/2019 2 Comment(s)



The all-new, seventh-generation G20 BMW 3 Series.  Can the New 3 Series (G20) tow? Need a BMW 3 Series towbar?


Through decades of careful evolution, the BMW 3 Series is the standard against which other vehicles vaguely similar are measured.


It’s the brand’s longest-running model and its most popular.  For that reason, BMW is reluctant to stray too far from a successful formula .


After 40 years this new generation is still the 3 Series many know and love. It’s still a sporty, smart, respectable, comforting prospect. That’s despite the fact its component parts are almost entirely different from the last one. 


Compared to its predecessor it’s 76mm longer overall (4709mm), 41mm longer in wheelbase (2851mm), 16mm wider (1827mm), has 43mm and 21mm wider front and rear wheel tracks respectively, a 10mm lower centre of gravity despite being 1mm higher overall (1442mm), and brings class-leading aerodynamics with a 0.23Cd.


It’s 55kg lighter on average yet its body is not only bigger but a whole 25 per cent more rigid, and BMW’s hallmark 50/50 front/rear weight distribution continues. Great for towing.


But how much can it tow? The new G20 BMW 3 Series is rated to tow 2000kgs.  Need a towbar for your 2019 3 Series.  Look no further, check out our range of detachable BMW G20 towbars.


2 Comment(s)

John Duff:
22/08/2019, 05:17:22 AM

I've got a G20 320d sedan. BMW are still telling me that a tow bar is not available. Can you advise if your product is ADR compliant and endorsed by BMW Australia? and is there an installer in Canberra? Thanks

07/09/2019, 10:47:15 PM

Available. ADR compliant. Unfortunately, we only deliver to the ACT.

John Duff:
11/11/2019, 11:37:57 AM

Thankyou. Unfortunately the BMW dealer in Cbr is saying the item will not be covered by warranty and they doubt car electrics compatibility. They won't install it unless it comes through their supply chain. TBO, I believe it will be the same item +$$$ of course.

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