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New Holden Commodore. Can it tow?

Posted by euro towbars 10/03/2018 0 Comment(s)


Is it really a Commodore? We will leave that up to you.  


The 2018 Commodore has been completely transformed with the new-generation, European-built ZB range.


Aside from the obvious rear hatch liftback boot, the biggest change is a 2.0-litre, four-cylinder engine, driving the front wheels, in a clear departure from the Commodore's rear-wheel drive V6- and V8-engined heritage.


Designer's key focus was to make the car look, "longer, lower, and wider than it actually is", to help it gain, "the aura of a car from the premium, upper class."

Not surprisingly, the 2018 Commodore is smaller in all key dimensions than the sedan and wagon it replaces
Despite being narrower than the old Commodore you don’t feel crowded next to your front-seat passenger. The pronounced centre console accentuates that’s separation.


Holden is quick to assure us that the latest Commodore definitely has its ‘local engineers’ fingerprints all over it’. And fair enough, too, because the local version of this European car has, indeed, been extensively Australianised to tailor it to local tastes. Those changes affect mainly the steering and suspension tune, but it’s arguably those elements that make that all-important first impression.


Interior design is built around confident, horizontal lines, and the cockpit is clearly oriented towards the driver.


In the liftback, cargo space runs to 490 litres with rear seats upright, growing to 1450 with them folded down.
The Tourer boot accommodates a sizable 793 litres of luggage loaded to the roof behind row two. Fold the split bench seat flat and that expands to a hefty 1665 litres. The loading area is long, low and flat and includes a string net and security cover.


Can the NEW Commodore tow?  All ZB Commodores can tow a 750kg unbraked trailer, rising to 1800kg braked for 2.0-litre models and 2100kg for V6s.


The good news is, you can finally fit a technically advanced detachable Invisible Euro style towbar to your 2018 Commodore.  We have a full range of towbars for both the Liftback and 4x4 Tourer.


Order your ZB Holden Commodore towbar today! Details of our Commodore towbar range>>



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