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New Hyundai i30. Can it tow?

Posted by euro towbars 06/05/2017 1 Comment(s)


Hyundai’s top selling small hatch has just been revamped.  Can the new i30 tow?

Hyundai’s top seller and a small hatch that fights with the Toyota Corolla and Mazda 3. With this slick PD-generation i30, Hyundai is hoping it will also tempt some out of a Volkswagen Golf.


Just as the first i30 in 2007 redefined Hyundai in its day, and the second bought new style for the brand in 2012, this third iteration is billed as a game-changer. It’s been designed, developed and tested in Europe, every facet is better!


It is a car that is appealing beyond a bargain price tag, with the latest safety and connectivity features, sharp styling and a model range that offers something for everyone.


Comfortable and confident, the latest i30 is a big step up and closer than ever to its small car rivals (often ahead of them) when it comes to presentation, driving performance, safety and features.


Stylistically the new i30 isn’t as adventurous as its predecessor, trading in the aggressive curves for a more rounded and mature look. It’s handsome, though, and the new grille makes the right first impression. Dimensionally, it’s about bang-on with the Corolla.


Cargo space is a good 395 litres, and there’s a full-size spare wheel as standard. 


Can it tow?


The new i30 is rated to tow up to 1500kg with a nose load of 80kg.


Need an i30 towbar? You guessed it.  We have a full range of Hyundai i30 towbars available, from an everyday fixed towbar to the top of the line Invisible model.

1 Comment(s)

25/04/2019, 05:20:45 PM

Hi, I have a 2010 i30 hatch and need to have a tow bar fitted so that I can carry my bike. How much will this cost me ? Many thanks Caro

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