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New Mercedes E Class. Can it tow?

Posted by euro towbars 17/01/2017 3 Comment(s)



The 2017 E-Class -- W213 in Mercedes-speak -- is the 10th evolution of a line that started in 1953 with the W120


The E-Class has always been synonymous with style, luxury and class. These days, it manages to do all of those things, but introduces a new feat — it’s one of the most technologically advanced cars ever created by Mercedes-Benz.


In terms of dimensions, the new E-Class has grown in almost all regards — it’s now 43mm longer, the wheelbase has increased by 63mm, with the front and rear track increasing by 20mm and 7mm respectively. It’s a similar story inside the cabin where rear knee room has increased by 6mm and shoulder room in the rear by 10mm.


Cargo capacity has been reduced by 10 litres over the previous E-Class, now coming in at 530 litres.


With Drive Pilot with Active Lane Change Assist. Drive Pilot will work the gas, brake and steering, without driver intervention. It will even change lanes by itself. All you do is hit the turn signal. The cameras and radar sensors will do the rest.  


Active Brake Assist with cross-traffic function will slam on the brakes at an intersection if it sees cross traffic the driver misses.  Evasive Steering Assist essentially assumes steering control when the driver deliberately or instinctively jerks the wheel in a potentially hazardous situation, then guides the E Class around whatever obstacles lie ahead and manages the counter-steer to avoid a skid. 


A new feature called crosswind assist was developed for the E-Class that uses the vehicle’s stability control system to stabilise the vehicle during heavy and sudden crosswinds that would normally require high levels of driver intervention. This is especially handy when the car is driven in its semi-autonomous cruise control mode.


Can it tow?  

It should easily be powerful enough to pull any suitably matched caravan. The kerbweight is a healthy 1680kg, which gives an 85% match figure of 1428kg. The legal towing limit is 2100kg.

3 Comment(s)

12/07/2017, 04:11:02 PM

Where can these be obtained and fitted urgently in Sydney NSDW

Eugene O Doherty:
13/08/2017, 03:11:51 AM

Hi there From Ireland - wish to purchase a tow bar . Are they available here

01/12/2017, 08:38:14 PM

To order please email

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