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How much can the new Mercedes GLE tow? Need a towbar for your new W167 MB 2019 GLE?

Posted by euro towbars 03/11/2019 0 Comment(s)


The new Mercedes GLE W167 offers superb space, luxury and technology - but can it tow? Need a towbar for your new W167 MB 2019 GLE?


It's hard to believe we are up to the fourth-generation Benz SUV - one of the most popular towing vehicles.    Remember, it was in 1997 that Mercedes, with the M-Class truly popularised the SUV category. 


Bursting with technology, the fourth-generation Benz SUV hopes to reassert its status in a segment it instigated.  The question remains, what is the towing capacity of the new GLE W167?


Mercedes has finally revamped the interior - two giant 12.3-inch screens, mounted atop the dashboard , beam massive quantities of information at you.  


If you’re moving up from the previous GLE, you’ll note it’s 105mm longer overall,12mm wider, and 24mm lower than before - the W166 and W167 towbars should not be interchanged so you'll need a towbar specially made to fit the new GLE.


The boot is 165 litres bigger than the old GLE’s. As a five-seater, you’re offered 825 litres, with a 72mm stretch in the through-loading length for those trips to the hardware store. Fold all the seats back and it becomes a 2,005-litre ute.  Need more space, fit a GLE towbar.


The new GLE is a complete car, supremely quiet and refined, technology is now up to date with competitors, rather than the bulky and button-intensive fascia of the older W166 that was beginning to look its age.


Mercedes has rated the new GLE to tow a maximum of 2700kg.  The 450 petrol GLE's can be factory increased to tow 3500kg. 


Looking to tow with your new Mercedes GLE - order your Mercedes GLE towbar today.




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