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Not so Mini - Can the new Countryman tow? F60 Mini Towbars

Posted by euro towbars 04/06/2018 2 Comment(s)


Not so Mini - Can the new Countryman tow? Need an F60 Towbar?


The second-generation F60 model becomes the biggest ever vehicle to wear a Mini badge. It’s the most XXL Mini ever!


There are five seats for grown-ups. The boot’s a good size too.


Thanks to a 75mm wheelbase stretch, a 33mm width increase and 11mm taller roofline, those in the back now enjoy plenty of sprawling space. The rear bench slides fore and aft as well, while the backrest reclines for extra long-distance comfort. The rear doors open wider as well.


And it’s probably more of a crossover than ever, with the design to match, Being a Mini, the Countryman is clearly meant to be the driver’s car among small crossovers. 


Apart from the JCW and E-Hybrid, you can install a towbar on all other Countryman models.  Whether it's a box trailer, Jet Ski or just a bike carrier - we'll get you towing.


In Stock mid-June.  Pre-order your Mini Countryman F60 towbar Today.


2 Comment(s)

Brendan Earl:
25/05/2020, 06:58:45 AM

I have a jcw 2017 countryman all4. Why can a tow bar not be fitted to this car?

11/06/2020, 06:21:28 AM

Not all the countryman models have a tow rating - ie. Mini did not rate them/do not allow them to tow. Check your owners manual

Mike Cummins:
08/09/2020, 12:33:12 AM

Will an R 60 towbar fit on a 2019 F60 Mini? Thanks

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