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The Skoda Karoq has arrived. Can it tow? Need a Karoq towbar?

Posted by euro towbars 24/08/2018 0 Comment(s)

Skoda Karoq Towbars


The smallest Skoda SUV has finally arrived. Can the Karoq tow? Need a Skoda Karoq towbar?


The Karoq is a smart family SUV, with a tidy drive, versatile interior and competitive pricing.


The Skoda Karoq is effectively the replacement for Skoda’s much-loved and very successful Yeti. It’s grown a bit and has lost the individual looks in the transformation from Yeti to Karoq, but it’s also become much more polished.


The second row offers plenty of space, certainly in leg, toe and knee room. And head room is plentiful. Comfortable too. . Thanks to Skoda’s Vario Flex system, the Karoq can be configured as a five-, four-, three- or even two-seater, should the need arise. That back row of individual seats (split 40/20/40) can be either flipped forward entirely to free up boot space, or if you’re really in need of some load-lugging capacity, it can be removed either entirely or individually. It’s clever and easy to use, and it makes a whole heap of sense.


The boot space also features plenty of party tricks. From the LED lighting that can be removed to become a handy torch, to the Velcro-secured fasteners that stop your stuff floating around. The boot mat, too, is carpeted on one side for when you’re feeling fancy, or plastic on the other for when your stuff is muddy and you just don’t want to spoil that nice pile finish.


Boot space? There’s a mountain of it. From a conservative 479L with the back row in its rearmost position to 588L should you deem leg room isn’t a crucial concern for passengers three, four and five. Flip the back seats forward, though, and there’s 1605L to play with, while removing them entirely, as per Vario Flex trickery, and 1810L is your domain. It’s a lot of room to stow your stuff. If you need to tow, 3 Karoq towbars are available.


The Skoda Karoq does everything you could want of a mid-sized family SUV. It’s good value, spacious, practical, comfortable and precise to drive, and smart to look at. Plus, it’s more versatile than most thanks to rear seats that slide, fold and can be removed altogether.


Need a Skoda Karoq towbar? From an Everyday Skoda Towbar to an Invisible Karoq towbar, we've you covered.


The Skoda Karoq can tow up to 1500-2000kgs, depending on your specs. Our Karoq towbar range is rated the same..  Order your Skoda towbar TODAY.



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