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The ultimate tow bar

Posted by euro towbars 17/01/2017 1 Comment(s)

Now you see it, now you don't.


The ultimate tow bar is now available for select models of Audi, BMW and Mercedes. The retractable towbar is the optimum solution. In stored position, it is invisible. But with a simple hand movement the towbar is ready to use.


With a retractable towbar, no longer is there a permanent fixture behind your car. But within a few seconds a towbar is always available when you need it. Because the towball can be folded away behind the bumper the retractable towbar keeps the design of your car intact and its not necessary tot store a loose ball in your boot.



See it in action:





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1 Comment(s)

Darrell Hawkins:
10/01/2019, 09:49:44 AM

What price is a towbar for Mitsubishi Eclyps Cross 2019

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