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Toyota Prius Hybrid can finally tow!

Posted by euro towbars 21/11/2016 2 Comment(s)


Toyota has confirmed its 4th-generation Prius can now tow a trailer for the first time in its history.  A great step to ensure Hybrids become more versitile, popular and mainstream.


Previously, the Prius has not been able to tow because of concerns the added weight of towing could overwhelm the hybrid system but Toyota now says the latest version has improved heat management measures that ensure the electric motor-generator and differential won’t overheat.


Prius's new-found ability is thanks to heat management measures that have been introduced in the hybrid system's main electric motor-generator and the differential. As a result, the car has a maximum towing capacity of 725kg for both braked and unbraked trailers, with up to 75kg on the towball.


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2 Comment(s)

Robert Stewart:
13/03/2017, 08:54:47 PM, I/N Explorer

I have a 2011 Prius and would like to fit a towbar to it. Assuming I will only tow light loads in a small box trailer occasionally and given the advantage of keeping slack parking people off the back of my car, would it be wise for me to fit one? Without knowing the details, I think the towbar you have is quite different from one I seen advertised in Europe. Any comments?

27/03/2017, 08:19:53 PM

Sounds like a towbar would be perfect to fend people from getting too close. Small box trailer, keeping in mind the 725kg limit seems like a great fit. Our towbars are exactly the same as Europe. 3 designs to choose from. Invisible, Quicked release or fixed.

22/02/2018, 08:46:48 PM

Hey there, is it official that the 2017 Prius V can tow? If yes, what does it cost to get one fitted? Will it void warranty? Thank

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