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It's been a while since VW made something so beautiful - But can the new Arteon Shooting Brake tow? Need an Arteon towbar?

Posted by euro towbars 24/04/2021 0 Comment(s)



It's been a while since VW made something so beautiful – the swooping curves and gently sloping roofline set it apart from the German pack.  But can the new Arteon Shooting Brake tow?  Need an Arteon towbar?


The Volkswagen Arteon Shooting Brake is designed to combine the good looks of a coupé with the load-lugging capacity of an estate. The shapely roof means it has less space than a conventional 'station wagon', but it’s a more practical alternative to standard Arteon.


It gets a longer, flatter roof than the regular Arteon. All this means it looks lower and longer than the regular Arteon. But it’s actually exactly the same length as the regular car. And it’s 19mm taller.


In terms of passenger space and comfort, the VW is magnificent.  It’s in the back, though, where the real benefits can be felt. Rear-seat occupants can luxuriate in fully a metre-plus of legroom (1016mm), while headroom is increased by 48mm due to the Shooting Brake’s longer roofline (even people in the front row gain an additional 11mm of space to the ceiling).


VW's redesigned the whole front cabin of the Arteon with the introduction of the Shooting Brake, and you get lots of lovely metallic trims (wood ones are an option), and it certainly feels more upmarket.

While the new car appears familiar with the continuous air-vent detail and overall design, the new cabin runs Volkswagen’s updated MIB 3 infotainment system. It also boasts a dedicated touchscreen for climate control settings.
There’s the inclusion of a 9.3-inch touchscreen and a smart-looking digital driver’s display ahead of the small steering wheel. Wireless Apple CarPlay will finally make an appearance for the 2021 Arteon, too.


The Arteon adds some smart driver assistance tech, with adaptive cruise and lane-keep assist.  There are some other great technologies: blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, AEB with pedestrian and cyclist detection, and a reversing camera with trailer view for easy caravan attachment.


Believe it or not, there is only two litres more boot space in the Shooting-Brake versus the Arteon hatchback (565 litres vs 563), but a fair bit more with the seats down (1,632 vs 1,557 litres).  Why not fit an Arteon Shooting Brake towbar to lug those bikes around or tow a trailer/camper.


To sum up.  There is lots of room for adults – up to five, all getting a very generous amount of leg/head-room, inside, materials feel solid and durable inside. Good seats, storage, connectivity… everything a growing family needs. The new Arteon Shooting Brake is definitely worth considering if you are after the practicality of a wagon.


VW has rated the Shooting Brake at a very decent 2200kgs - our towbars are rated the same. Start towing with your 2021 Arteon and order an Invisible Shooting Brake towbar today.



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