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Kia Sportage (2016-06.2018) Invisible Towbar | European Towbars Australia

Kia Sportage (2016-06.2018) Invisible Towbar | European Towbars Australia

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Brand: Auto-Hak
Product Code: T 72V
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Our European Invisible towbar for the 4th Generation Kia Sportage is the latest technology, slim, sleek, discreet and sophisticated.

OUR premium Invisible vertical detachable towbar system, is by far the best on the market.

After detaching the tow ball, the system is completely invisible.

The handling is comfortable and easy, and the aesthetic design of your Kia Sportage remains intact. One of the only detachable towbar systems that becomes invisible after removal.

Benefits of the Invisible towbar system:

 Aesthetic Design

KIA invest heavily in the design of their cars.

A fixed towbar upsets the balance and symmetry of the car’s original design. Our detachable towbars are the answer because they can easily be removed when not needed, leaving the line of your Kia Sportage as the designer intended.


When the swan neck towball is removed, you see nothing - the system is mounted vertically behind the bumper.  The towbar becomes completely invisible -  the lines of your Kia Sportage are not spoiled in the slightest.

  Quick & Easy to use

The most convenient towbar system: invisible when not in use, yet ready for use whenever needed.

Fit or remove the towball in a second without any tools and with the minimum of effort.  

Inbuilt positive locking mechanism, Audible click and visual indicators. Anti theft system.

  Safe and clean

Once removed, there is no towball to soil clothes or damage shins!   Protected by lock & key.

 Strong, robust & safe

This towbar has a powder coating. During this modern surface coating process, a plastic powder coating is permanently applied to the metal surface. The result is high durability and excellent protection against corrosion.

You are assured the highest quality towbar, designed specifically for your 4th Generation Kia Sportage. Production is certificed by ISO 9001:2008

Our towbars are made in Europe and have full European approval. Your towbar is certified to the highest standards (ECE 55/01) - Compliant with Australian Design Standard ADR 62/02.

Our towbars are all designed using 3D technologies and undergo computer simulations to verify any weak points and to study the dynamics of the structure when driving. Every design has to undergo a stress test of at least two million cycles.

 Easy to Fit

Simple, quick and easy installation - our towbars are OEM quality - designed to fit perfectly to your Kia Sportage's designated towbar mounting points. No welding, no drilling - our towbars are PERFECT FIT. 


See our Kia Sportage Invisible towbar in action:






Designed for the following car
Car Kia
Brand/make Sportage
Type Standard
Car Manufacture Date from 01.2016
Technical specifications
SKU 27909
Tow Bar Details
Towbar type Invisible
Catalogue No: T72V
SKU 27909
D-Value 10,9 kN
Max Trail. weight 2200 kg
Max nose load 90 kg
Weight 24.2 kg
Certification E20-55R-01 4626
Bumper removal Not required
Small bumper alteration neccessary Not required
Fitting time 1,5 h
Detailed description, design and installation instructions
Open PDF instructions View Fitting Instructions
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