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BMW X3 | X4 (F25/F26) Invisible Retractable Towbar

3- 5 Days Special order BMW X3 | X4 (F25/F26) Invisible Retractable Towbar
Brand: Thule | Brink
Product Code: 601200
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Our European Invisible RETRACTABLE towbar for the BMW X3 | X4 (F25/F26) is the latest technology, slim, sleek, discreet and sophisticated.

The retractable towbar is the optimum solution. In stored position, it is invisible. But with a simple hand movement the towbar is ready to use.

Benefits of the Invisible RETRACTABLE ​towbar system:

 Innovative Design

With a retractable towbar no longer is there a permanent fixture behind your car. But within a few seconds a towbar is always available when you need it. Because the towball can be folded away behind the bumper the retractable towbar keeps the design of your car intact and its not necessary tot store a loose ball in your boot

  Ease of use

With a retractable towbar in the stored position, the boot is easily accessible and easy to load. In addition the towbar is maintenance free. The towball always stays connected to the towball housing. This way the towball housing is protected against dirt and grit.

Simple to operate

By simply operating a lever under the car, the ball appears from behind the bumper. It can then be locked into place with minimal effort by positioning manually into the self lock location. During this rotational movement the towbar makes a small upward movement until it locks with a click. Removal is equally as simple. By pushing the rotary knob in the direction of the ball and turning it with your thumb in a flowing movement in an upwards position, it releases the lock. Then the towball can then be folded away behind the bumber and locked with a click into the stored position. There is no tool, lubrication or grease required.

Ergonomic rotary knob

The rotary knob of the manually retractable towbar is provided with an ergonomic design. It is comfortable to operate because your fingers, hand, wrist and arm have a natural position when handling it. This allows you to create an optimal power transfer with minimal effort when unlocking the towbar.

Clear instructions

The unlocking of the manually retractable towbar is fast and easy. On the rotary knob, there is an arrow that indicates the operation for the unlocking.


A retractable towbar offers the same safety and strength as a fixed towbar. The ball is always connected to the module, so it can never come loose while driving. This way the retractable towbar can fully utilize the vertical axle load and trailer weight, as indicted by the car manufacturer. The locking system has been extensively tested for under the most extreme driving conditions.

Audible lock

You can hear the lock of the manually retractable towbar. Thanks to the Ergoclick™, an audible click can be heard when locking the ball. This gives you the confirmation that the towbar is attached correctly.

Visible lock

You can easily see if the manually retractable towbar is locked. The rotary knob has a built-in colour indication consisting of colour codes. Green is a successful lock. Red means the ball is not engaged correctly and requires reinstallation.


See it in action:






Designed for the following car
Brand/make X3 X4
Type F25/F26 Fits M-Sports pack Excludes M & M40i
Car Manufacture Date X3 from 03.2014 X4 from 2014
Technical specifications
SKU 601200
Tow Bar Details
Towbar type Invisible Retractable MX
Catalogue No: 601200
SKU 601200
D-Value 12,00 kN
Max Trail. weight 2400 kg
Max nose load 100 kg
Weight 23 kg
Certification EC 0479
Bumper removal Required
Small bumper alteration neccessary Required
Fitting time 2 h
Detailed description, design and installation instructions
Open PDF instructions View Fitting Instructions
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